Teacher Training Workshops

Teacher Training Workshops leading to Certification

Teacher Training Workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive, tactile experience of the Jazz Dance Technique & Curriculum™ as well as refresh and rejuvenate dance teachers. From level 1 to level 6, teachers learn the tools and techniques to pass on the exercises and lesson plans to their students in a stress-free environment. James Robey provides hands-on, in-depth explanations of the Curriculum along with discussions on dance pedagogy, the business of dance teaching, and the art of maintaining personal balance as a teacher. Upon successful completion of the Teacher Training Workshop, teachers may receive official Certification in the Jazz Dance Technique & Curriculum.

Enjoy a 3-day workshop hosted in your own studio. Get hands-on experience in every exercise of the Curriculum while having a personalized program to fit your specific needs.

  1. Foundational Elements of Jazz Dance Technique

  2. Class Format and Sequencing

  3. The 6 Classes Method

  4. Teaching Across Multiple Perspectives

  5. Understanding the Levels of Skill Acquisition

  6. Dance Teaching Tools

  7. Mindful Business Ethics

  8. Clarifying Your Values, Goals, and Roles

  9. Marketing and Branding Yourself, Your Business

  10. Hands-on time with all 247 exercises

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