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James Robey’s Jazz Dance Technique & Curriculum™ provides teachers and studio directors a clean, concise and comprehensive curriculum founded in the rich historical tradition of the art form while embracing the contemporary cutting-edge of sports medicine and dance training techniques. With this curriculum, teachers gain the tools to progressively educate their jazz dancers to be technically proficient, dynamically expressive, and versatile dancers that can adapt to any style.

Jazz Dance Technique & Curriculum™ contains...

  1. 6 sequential and progressive levels

  2. The 6 Classes method for presenting lessons over consecutive classes

  3. Class Structure outlines

  4. Time Management Charts for 60, 75, and 90-minute classes

  5. Photographic glossary of 39 arm, feet, and body positions

  6. Master Lesson Charts

  7. 36 detailed lesson plans complete with extensive glossaries

  8. 247 Individual Exercises with detailed instructions and teacher notes

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“James Robey has prepared a masterful Syllabus for jazz dance teachers and students. All the material is easy-to-read and follow. The lessons are solidly constructed and presented clearly and precisely. A pleasure to see!”

Finis Jhung

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